Firm Concept

Crimeophobia is a research based global Criminology Firm. Initially, the firm was established in London, U.K as Crimeophobia Limited, however, it was eventually shifted to Mumbai, India as Proprietorship Company. Crimeophobia is based on the concept of Para-psychological techniques of criminology that supports in belligerent conflicts globally without having its physical presence at the crime scene. The concept of our company is based on the amalgamation techniques of western and eastern patterns of solving crime in which we focus on Extrasensory Perception development. The same includes seven types of psychological skills i.e. Intuition, Telepathy, Psychometry, Clairvoyance/Clairaudience, Precognition and Retrocognition.

The company is specifically based on psychic abilities required for decoding organised crime by also adopting the patterns of Lord Krishna from one of the legendary war called The Mahabharata. We don’t think outside or inside the box but we make reports which is to describe the box. Our study is towards which kind of box people are referring before, during and after deciding their activities. We provide an approach for your thoughts; support your ambitions and deliver successful results at the point where crime, culture, society, terrorism, media, politics and police meet. The firm is based on a scientific study of the nature, extent, management, causes, control, consequences and prevention of criminal behaviour, both at individual and social levels.

The law can be imposed only if they define a criminal-based approach on the legal framework, however, the redefining model of Organized Crime has no limit. The ministration of conflicts doesn’t conceptualize a criminal mind / establishment / legislation, since the psychological acts are not called 'crime/s'. At Crimeophobia we define this criminal psychology to establish the motives & intentions of the crime. The latter stage is to confront and support the evaluation with evidence & witnesses, to prepare a logical argument for the report that can be understood by every official of the ‘Criminal Justice System’.

Who Are We

Interpretation of jargons is a language that can help anyone understand disputes for resolution mechanisms. Crimeophobia is globally one of the pioneering criminology firms which provides its support to government, corporate, families and youth. To accomplish the tasks, we have created specific subject matter areas that are in practice for a decade when the firm was established in London and later moved to Mumbai by the Founder. Those sections are Legal Auditing, Consulting, Project Management. Crimeophobia has operated primarily through these Sections to provide technical assistance and guidance on best practices in Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanisms. The fundamental concept is to coordinate among all the agencies of private or public bodies that may be involved in a dispute. Furthermore, the evaluation of appropriate legitimate solutions is based on Mediation, Negotiation, Arbitration, and Conciliation through channels of Crimeophobia’s mechanism and that of the Courts. The unit acts like an emergency support for critical & unpredictable situations which has to be dealt with proactive or reactive outlook.


Value Proposition

Crimeophobia’s objective is to be the best in everything we do in the field of Criminology & Neurocriminology by turning our experience and industry knowledge into value for clients.

Crimeophobia is globally one of the pioneering criminology firms providing Legal services of Audit & Assurance, Risk Advisory, Consulting, Predictive Analytics & Security Advisory, Political & Homeland Advisory, and related services to clients. We position ourselves in the spectrum of Legal Justice System particularly in the core professional stakeholders in attempting to deliver Justice as per the definition of the individual/organization. Our focus is solely on developing the industry for Criminology helps us to develop a rich understanding of every need in private sector and public sector. We consider our role is to challenge clients to look at themselves and their disputes by opting for an alternative resolution made available by Crimeophobia’s mechanism. We believe we are ideally placed to serve our clients in professional services in Legal Justice System which has a pool of alternatives for a dispute that are often ignored.